The Azores, endless opportunities...

Inspire - Summer 2021, Azores 21.2.2021

The Azores, endless opportunities...
In the meantime, it has been 5 years since we set foot on the Azores. One of the regions that left the most deep impressions on our entire trip, so far... Time to go back to that region...or better said, time to stop here on the way back from Canada...

For many, the Azores are an unknown archipelago in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. The natural beauty and roughness of these islands attract sailors and hikers. There is no mass tourism here! The ocean around these islands is bursting with marine life. Whales, dolphins and sea turtles are regularly seen on board.

Each island has its own characteristics and specialties, but hiking is the key word everywhere. The Inspire trips planned this summer therefore combine sailing (between the various islands) and staying a few days on the spot to discover the island.
Ideal for nature lovers and hikers who want to relax, want to slow down!
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