Discover unknown coasts together…

Open seas, inspiring company and a sailboat: the three basic elements for a sailing trip with Tallship Saeftinghe. A unique experience in which sailing is combined seamlessly with growing, discovering and inspiring each other.

Sailing with Tallship Saeftinghe means developing and making yourself stronger, both personally and professionally.  

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Find out about our sailing trips button read more

Out of the ordinary

Sailing with Tallship Saeftinghe is out of the ordinary. We are an organization that brings people together for unique sailing experiences aimed at people who want to grow on the personal and professional front. We connect and inspire people in an exceptional setting, namely on the ocean. You will go on a (self)discovery journey together with a small team. Trusting and supporting each other are essential during the trips when there is room for learning moments, enlightening conversations, and reflection. Experience it!

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Photo Frederic Madry Sailing

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Frédéric Madry, sailor and coach!

He supports companies and individuals in the search for sustainable impact, supported by balanced leadership.



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